8 - Western Civ Notes 7/8 Locke's Human Understanding...

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Western Civ Notes 7/8 Locke’s Human Understanding People are born with a blank slate First six years has a profound impact on how one lives (absorbing information). If you don’t like it, change your environment. Gender Relationships Filmer- Powerful Monarchy goes back to the Garden of Eden. o “Beginning of Patriarchy” Adam was created first, then Eve who “lured” Adam into sinning. o Locke disagreed (H.U.)- God did not intend to do that. Natural Dominance-Aristotle Women are “defective males” Locke- Humans make decisions. He started “woman” debate. Diderot: Biological Example- “they can’t help it” Burgh: Women can do the same as men, but to what extent? Become mothers, study math for finances. Rousseau: “Father of Progressive Education” Wrote Emile - Taken out into nature, stimulates curiosity o Sophie- educated differently, not being an individual. “Predisposed” Thinks that human nature is good
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o Then what goes wrong? Civilization Natural Instincts Wet Nurses (Rent-a-Breast)- Undermines bonding with the mother and child. Eventually, aristocratic women stop doing it. He was successful. Focuses on aristocratic children. Parent is more important Father should teach 18 th Century women- “sex kittens.” Closer to natural feelings- farther away from
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8 - Western Civ Notes 7/8 Locke's Human Understanding...

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