ProjectsFall2007 - Computer Projects There are five...

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Computer Projects There are five projects to be completed and graded. With each project, make a presentation in Excel describing the project and its conclusions. Each project should demonstrate use of the concepts developed in the course. Creative choice of topic will yield a better grade. The quality of presentation matters, simple and elegant is best. Comment on related literature. Your submission should be authoritative with text describing the methods used and conclusions drawn. Submit an Excel file electronically in your section’s digital drop box on OAK [ (then choose Blackboard)] to your section leader. Each team may plan projects jointly and gather data together. Each member of the team should use his or her own variables and prepare his or her own report for Projects B, D, and E. Do not copy any part of someone else’s project. Originality matters. The Honor Code applies. See the gallery on OAK for examples of projects from prior semesters. Note that the project assignments differ from term to term and projects in the Gallery aren’t perfect. Project A Descriptive Statistics Sept 10 for team grade For Project A, each team will prepare a single report and submit it jointly for a common grade. Develop some original data (not published). Make a relative frequency polygon and compute descriptive statistics for at least two (to make an interesting comparison) random variables with 18 or more observations for each. Make clear the method used to generate the sample used. The contrast between two groups is the usual basis of drawing conclusions. Examples : Go to two car dealerships and collect data on the sticker prices of cars. Use the Internet to find prices of comparable products from two sources. Survey students about Internet purchases. Compare male and female or first year and
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ProjectsFall2007 - Computer Projects There are five...

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