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Vanderbilt University Economics 150 Statistics Sections 1 to 8 Mr. Getz, Fall 2007 Wilson 126, MW 9:10 AM AND W ILSON 120 F RIDAY @ 8, 9, 10, 11 AM PM Go to for online information. Audience This is a first course in statistics for students interested in economics. Students should have some knowledge of calculus. On occasion, we will use a derivative or talk about the integral of a function. The Department of Economics requires this course of all its majors and minors. Students need have no previous knowledge of a spreadsheet but will learn to use the spreadsheet here. The class will meet in Wilson 126 twice a week for lectures and once a week, in sections, in the workstation classroom, Wilson Hall 120. Each seat there is equipped with a computer running the Macintosh OS. Students will learn to make effective use of computer-based tools in learning statistics. Undergraduate teaching assistants who have trained for this role will lead the Friday sections. Tests will take place in Wilson 120. Class The course develops ideas on many levels simultaneously. Your success depends on knitting together skills with Excel, words, numbers, charts, mathematics, and simulations. Although most ideas are presented in the text and we project figures from the text in class, nevertheless, you will learn to use the ideas more effectively by seeing them used in class, by rehearsing their use for yourself in problems in the text, and by raising your own questions. You should gain a sufficient proficiency that you can apply the methods you learn to original problems in projects and tests. Participating in the class meetings and practice using the methods with your teammate will enhance your performance. The class begins slowly with basic charts so that you become comfortable working in Excel. The pace quickens as we use Excel’s power to explore statistics. At the end of each lecture, students may write brief, anonymous notes to identify the most important idea in the class and to identify a point of confusion or ask a question. Mr. Getz will review the notes and respond to some of the questions by email to the whole class. Text Mr. Getz has created a spreadsheet-based text for this course called e.stat for business and economics (South-Western College Publishing). It is available in the Vanderbilt Bookstore. Mr. Getz will make a donation to Vanderbilt of royalties on your purchase. Excel is available on each machine in Wilson 120 and you may use the classroom after- hours as a lab. You may use e.stat on any computer equipped with Excel . [It runs under Classic on the Mac. If you have an Intel-based Mac, you may run e.stat under Windows.] We will make extensive use of “Tools--Data Analysis”. These tools are not always
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SyllabusFall2007 - Vanderbilt University Economics 150...

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