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Page 1 By the end of this lesson, learners should be able to: Understand the parts of an Excel formula Create a simple addition formula Create a simple subtraction formula using the Point-and-Click Method Create simple multiplication formulas Create simple division formulas Page 2 About Formulas In school, you learned formulas used to calculate math problems. Microsoft Excel uses these same formulas to perform calculations in a spreadsheet. A formula can be a combination of values (numbers or cell references) and math operators (+, -, /, *, =) into an algebraic expression. Excel requires every formula to begin with an equal sign (=). The following table illustrates the mathematical operators learned in school and those represented in Excel 2003. School Excel 2003 Addition + + Subtraction - - Multiplication X * Division / / Equals = = The result of a formula-the answer to 2+3, for example-displays in the cell on the Excel worksheet. The formula is visible only in the formula bar. A formula's result will change as different numbers are entered into the cells included in the formula's definition. Page 3 Creating a Simple Addition Formula A simple formula in Excel contains one mathematical operation only: one number plus a second number equals a third number. Writing a simple formula is really no more difficult than that: 1+1. The only difference in Excel is that all formulas must begin with the equal sign (=). It is not enough to type 1+1 in Excel because what will appear in the cell is "1+1." You must begin the equation with an equal sign, or =1+1 . This holds true for any formula, simple or complicated, that adds, subtracts, multiplies or divides. Let's add two numbers to create a third, 128+345=473. In Excel, this would be expressed by the
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Lesson 5 - Lesson 5: Creating Simple Formulas Page 1 By the...

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