2-4 - Japan, Korea, & Taiwan Most countries in Asia had...

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Most countries in Asia had absolute convergence with OECD countries – highly unusual Japan Pre-Meiji Era First of these countries to industrialize United in 1600s under Tokugawa Shogunate, ruled Japan until 1868 Pre-Meiji Japan was closed, agricultural 75% of population depended on agriculture Had reasonably effective government Unusually high level of education, infrastructure Advanced agrarian society Mid 1800s: Japan forced open to trade Shock to the system – sets off many changes to the system Leads to Meiji Restoration in Edo Perry and Americans seen as threat to the nation, shogun must be overthrown to ensure military modernization Post-Meiji Era After restoration, daimyos stripped of samurai, samurai jobless, wander country Restoration sets off intense social and technological innovation in Japan Commercial law, modern university systems Imported almost wholesale from Prussia By 1870s, clear Japan has number of characteristics advantageous to raising productivity Peasants, not serfs or slaves Familiar with money, literate, owned land Coherent tax system (not arbitrary and capricious extraction) Property rights understood, reasonably well productive (Resembles a unimodal system)
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2-4 - Japan, Korea, & Taiwan Most countries in Asia had...

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