Chapter 24 - Chapter 24: The Promise of Reason In 1680, a...

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Chapter 24: The Promise of Reason In 1680, a comet was seen and Edmund Haley , an English astronomer, observed the comet, calculated its orbit and predicted its future appearances. Enlightenment – period between 1687 (date of Newton’s Principia) and 1789 (beginning of the French Revolution). It was a time of preoccupation with the comprehension of human nature in scientific terms. During the 18 th century, the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, economics and political science) were formed. There was also a redefinition of the role of the government and the rights of citizens. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke – English philosophers who looked into the question of human rights vs. sovereignty of the ruler. They advanced the idea of a social contract in different ways. -Hobbes thought that the social contract was a covenant among individuals who willingly surrendered a portion of their freedom to a governing authority or ruler. Hobbes thought that humans were selfish, greedy, and war-like. He thought that government under one ruler or ruling assembly was society’s only hope for peace and security. Hobbes wrote Leviathan , a treatise about his beliefs. He named it after a mythological marine creature in the Bible. He called the ruler of the government the Leviathan. -Locke thought that power must remain with the ruled (the people). He thought humans were equal, free, and capable of defining the common good. Locke thought that people had the right to life, liberty, and estate. He also thought people may willingly consent to give up some of their liberty in return for the ruler’s protection, but people should never give up their ultimate authority. Locke
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Chapter 24 - Chapter 24: The Promise of Reason In 1680, a...

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