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THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FINAL EXAMINATION, APRIL 2003 CHEMISTRY 205 (Physical Chemistry) GIVEN NAME(S): SURNAME: (PRINT, CAPITALS) STUDENT NUMBER: SIGNATURE: PLEASE CIRCLE YOUR SECTION Lecturer: Dr. Juergen Kast sec203 MWF 3PM Dr. David Chen sec 210 MWF 10AM Dr. David Chen sec 208 MWF 8AM Dr. Elliott Burnell sec 288 T TH 8AM Dr. Urmila Deo-Jangra sec 222 T TH 2PM THIS EXAMINATION CONSISTS OF 12 NUMBERED PAGES . PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE A COMPLETE EXAMINATION PAPER. PAGES 11 AND 12 ARE INFORMATION PAGES AND MAY BE SEPARATED FROM THE REST OF THE EXAM. Attempt ALL NINE (9) questions. All work must be shown in this booket. Time: 2.5 Hours Question Maximum Mark 1 16 2 11 3 7 4 10 5 11 6 7 7 9 8 9 9 10 EXAM 90 RULES GOVERNING EXAMINATIONS 1. EACH CANDIDATE SHOULD BE PREPARED TO PRODUCE, UPON REQUEST, HIS/HER LIBRARY/AMS CARD. 2. READ AND OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING RULES: No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one-half hour, or to leave during the first half-hour of the examination. Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators, except in cases of supposed errors or ambiguities in examination questions. CAUTION - Candidates guilty of any of the following, or similar, dishonest practices shall be immediately dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action. (a) Making use of any books, papers or memoranda, other than those authorized by the examiners. (b) Speaking or communicating with other candidates. (c) Purposely exposing written papers to the view of other candidates. The plea of accident or forgetfulness shall not be received. THE USE OF PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATORS IS NOT PERMITTED 1
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1. In each part of this question circle the number(s) corresponding to all statements that correctly complete the sentence . Note: there may be more than one correct statement in each part
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