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HST 102 Study Questions greecestsSP7 - HST 102 Readings for...

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HST 102 2/14/07 Readings for Friday 2/16 Homer’s Iliad - Rogers (61-62) If you were reading Agamemnon and Achilles as Mycenaeans, what would their status be? How does this relate to the conflict between them in this passage? What is Athena’s role in this passage? Is it possible to take Athena away from this scene (i.e. remove the gods from the poem) and still have the same basic episode here? From a Mycenaean's view, Agamemnon and Achilles are equal- king or great warrior. Their conflict did not make Agamemnon nor Achilles greater than the other because they only cared about the prize (Briseis) they were going to get. King or great warrior, this does not make them gods. Athena's role in this passage was to discourage Achilles from killing Agamemnon so that he would think of the consequences and what good (or bad) his actions would lead him to- for if he killed Agamemnon, he would get the prize but this would make him a murderer. If Athena is removed from this picture, the context of the passage would be almost similar and it would look like the same episode since the gods in Homer's Iliad are like human conscience. This would be the moment where Achilles would stop and think about his actions. The Odyssey - Rogers (70-74) This is the famous “Polyphemus” episode. What name for himself does Odysseus give the Cyclops? Why? How would you rate Odysseus as a hero from this example? (i.e. what are his characteristics?) Is he different from Achilles? What do you make of the Cyclops’ nature and cruel treatment of his “guests” in this passage? Can you guess how this differs from the important Greek custom of how to treat strangers? Odysseus gave his name to the Cyclops as “Nobody” to trick him so that when the Cyclops wake up, his actual name would not be called out or remembered by the Cyclops so he will have no way of looking out for Odysseus later. I rate Odysseus as a great hero (greater than that of Achilles) because he, not only is a great warrior in battle but is also very intelligent to outsmart the Cyclops and he braved through many obstacles in the journey home that never did stop him. What Odysseus went through was what no one would come out alive from. Odysseus is very different from Achilles because he has a greater inner strength ans that thinks before he acts on something and what he did to the Cyclops would not be what Achilles would do (Achilles would have attacked the Cyclops instead of talking to them). Although the Cyclops' nature was barbaric (that he eats humans), his cruel treatment of his "guests" still violated the Greek tradition thus dishonored the gods. The Greek view of treating guests is based on the term “oikos” which means home. It is the building block of the Greek society and that a
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HST 102 Study Questions greecestsSP7 - HST 102 Readings for...

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