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HST102 Study Questions PlatoAlex QuestionsSp7

HST102 Study Questions PlatoAlex QuestionsSp7 - HST 102...

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HST 102 3/5/07 Readings for Wednesday 10/11 Plato - Rogers (140-143) Plato was from Athens, “The Birthplace of Democracy,” yet the analysis in these selections seems fairly critical of this form of government. What factors, historical or otherwise, do you think contribute to the famous philosopher’s views? Factors that contributed Plato's views were, first of all Socrates and series of events he went through his life when Athens was at its political height, and also watching his teacher, Socrates executed for being falsely accused of corrupting the youth of Athens. Demosthenes, Isocrates - Rogers (144-147) Here you are given two selections from the famous debate over Philip II’s rise to power and his impending threat to the Greek poleis . Who seems the most “Athenian” to you? Why? From the two selections, I think Demosthenes appear to be more “Athenian” than Isocrates. Although he believed in war against Philip of Macedon, Demosthenes
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