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http://localhost:8888/classes/ast112/exam2stu. .. 1 of 3 7/12/08 11:45 PM AST 112 MWF 9:40 to 10.30am STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 2 Be Familiar with the first part of the material from Study Guide 1 CELL PHONES and LAPTOPS are Forbidden Chapter 8. The Sun (Section 8-2 only) 1. Where does the energy from the Sun come from? Why do we know that it must be nuclear energy? 2. Binding energy keeps the protons and neutrons in the nucleus from flying apart. 3. Nuclear Fusion requires high temperatures to overcome the Coulomb barrier. (Nuclei all have positive electric charges and so they repel each other) 4. High densities are needed so that there are sufficient collisions between nuclei. 5. What is the proton-proton chain? 6. What is a neutrino? What is a positive electron (positron)? How is energy released in the proton-proton chain? Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen. 7. How does the energy flow from the center to the surface of the Sun? What are convection, conduction, radiation? 8. What is the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. Which is most important in the Palo Verde nuclear power plant? 9. What does the solar neutrino experiment tell us? What are the most recent results: discussed in class. 10. Who is the astronomer who built the Homestake Mine experiment and was awarded the Nobel Prize? Chapter 9: The Family of Stars
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ast112 test 2 study guide -...

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