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HST 102 SQ EgyptHEBsp7

HST 102 SQ EgyptHEBsp7 - HST 102 Readings for Wednesday and...

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HST 102 1/22/07 Readings for Wednesday and Friday, 1/24 - 1/26 Hymn to the Aten - Rogers (25-28) Akenhaten is probably the most popular ruler of Egypt for scholars. This hymn makes a very nice comparison to Psalm 104 (46-48) – what are the similarities and differences? Why do you think Akenhaten gets so much attention when we talk about Ancient Egypt? Similarities: Aten and Yahweh were described as the one god who created life and the one god whose powers were so great that they gave all the needs of the people from their creations- water, food, shelter, etc. Aten and Yahweh were praised for all the wonders and creation they made, therefore are worshiped as the universal god that has powers over all aspects of life. Differences: Aten had a son, while Yahweh did not. Aten rested when the sun sets, but Yahweh never did rest. Aten was described as god of the sun while Yahweh, the god of “light” (not literal). Aten also had a wife but Yahweh did not.
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