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http://localhost:8888/classes/ast112/exam1stu. .. 1 of 4 7/12/08 11:45 PM AST 112 MWF 9:40-10:30 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1 1. YOU MUST NOT USE YOUR LAPTOP OR YOUR CELLPHONE 2. YOU CANNOT SHARE A TEXTBOOK 2.HINTS ON TAKING "OPEN BOOK AND NOTES " TESTS : a. Study as if it were a closed book test. You do not have time to look up each answer . b. Carefully read the Chapter Summary, learn the “New Terms”, try to do the Review Questions, and the Discussion Questions. Work as many problems as you can. Feel free to ask me if you are having problems doing them. c. Don't forget the index or the glossary. d. Read the test questions carefully! e. Go through the test once and answer all the questions that you can. Then go back and do the other questions. f. Mark on the test booklet : cross off obviously wrong answers, work the problems, and show your work. Circle the answer on the test booklet - this is the last resort if you have made a mistake on the answer sheet. g. Carefully darken in the answer on the answer sheet, do not rip, mutilate, fold, or spindle it. h. Check your answer sheet. Make sure you have answered all 50 questions. i. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NAME IS ON THE ANSWER SHEET AND YOU HAVE PUT IN YOUR FULL AFFILIATE ID NUMBER-[RIGHT HAND NUMBER] LEFT JUSTIFIED . I will subtract points if this is not done. BRING A PICTURE ID. I WILL ASK YOU TO PLACE IT ON THE TABLE IN FRONT OF YOU AND I WILL GO AROUND THE CLASS DURING THE EXAM CHECKING EACH ID. Appendix A: Units and Astronomical Data a. Look at the Units - remember that I do not use the SI Units - just cgs units b. Look at the material in Tables A-1 through A-6 c. Review Conversions. Note that if you watch what units you are using, then the ones you don’t want will cancel out. d. Review the different types of temperature. I will mostly use the Kelvin scale. e. Review Powers of 10. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of exponents. f. Know the prefixes for the metric system. How big is a nanometer? A Megameter? Chapter 1. The Scale of the Cosmos
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http://localhost:8888/classes/ast112/exam1stu. .. 2 of 4 7/12/08 11:45 PM a. Review scientific notation. How do we work with things like 3 x 10 3 times 0.00012 and so on. b.
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ast112 test 1 study guide -...

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