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HST 102 Midterm Review

HST 102 Midterm Review - Terms to Study for the Midterm...

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HST 102 Midterm for 3/9 will cover Spielvogel 3-4/lectures plus relevant Rogers. (The Greeks through the death of Alexander.) 25 multiple choice questions – based on Spielvogel chs. 3-4. 5 term ids – based on lecture, other readings and Spielvogel. 10 terms will be chosen from list below (you must write on 5 of them.)
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Unformatted text preview: Terms to Study for the Midterm: polis Knossus Mycenae Homer Trojan War Pindar Ionian Rebellion Lycurgus Solon Pericles Marathon Xerxes hoplite ekklesia ostracism Thucydides Philip II Demosthenes Aristophanes Helots Gaugamela Chaeronea Kleisthenes Ptolemy I Hellenization Epaminondas “Sacred Band” Sappho...
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