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HST102 Study Questions Rome1

HST102 Study Questions Rome1 - HST 102 Readings for...

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HST 102 3/21/07 Readings for Rome (part 1) Livy - Rogers (177-183) These are selections featuring stories of great Republican virtues. What were some of these virtues? Are there differences between Roman virtues for men and women? The Roman virtues were courage, honor, discipline, and sacrifice. These virtues in context were different between men and women but not at all in the idea of the Roman virtues as a whole. Men embrace these virtues in battle, however, as for women, they embraced these virtues as their whole self. For example, in the Rape of Lucretia, Lucretia was courageous to admit her fault even though she was innocently raped. She sacrificed her life and she demonstrated that her honor was more important than her life. Plutarch, Sallust - Rogers (184-186) Here you are given two selections concerning the Gracchi affairs. What’s your opinion of the Gracchi? Were they political reformers or opportunistic politicians? The Gracchi brothers were opportunistic politicians in their time but in the long term
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