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Wes Civ I SyllabusSP7

Wes Civ I SyllabusSP7 - History 102 Spring 2007 Paul...

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History 102 Spring 2007 Paul Michael Arena Office: Coor 4544 Hours: F 10:00-11:30 and App. e-mail: [email protected] Home: (602) 971-3702 Cell: (602) 421-5077 Texts Spielvogel Western Civilization: Volume A 5 th ed. (required) Rogers Aspects of Western Civilization I 5 th ed. (required) Goals of Class The purpose of this course is to explore the processes and development of civilization and culture of the West. We shall begin this journey in ancient Mesopotamia and close with the advent of the “Renaissance.” Readings and Lectures The course is geared around two main texts: Spielvogel and Rogers. Both texts are important. Spielvogel provides the outline for the course, while Rogers features important primary readings (as well as Plutarch and Power.) The lectures will highlight important events and themes in (and sometimes outside) the reading material. Most Fridays will feature a discussion of the Rogers selections (and Plutarch and Power when relevant.) Exams Midterm Exam 30% Final Exam 40% Classwork Quizzes and Worksheets 30% Preparation : Make sure you read the texts assigned each week. Know the important characters,
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