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1) Which of the following is not true of the photosynthetic cyclic scheme? a) Once going, it no longer requires electrons from Photosystem II b) It indirectly drives ATP synthase by pumping protons c) It produces NADPH d) It requires energy from light 2) What is the purpose of the Calvin cycle? a) To produce ATP b) To produce NADPH c) To produce the precursors for glucose d) To produce oxygen e) To both produce the precursors for glucose and produce oxygen 3-6) Mark the following statements as true (A) or false (B): 3) Fungi are organotrophs answer A 4) Fungi can be lithotrophs answer B 5) Animals can use methane (CH 4 ) as an electron donor answer B 6) The basal lamina of an epithelium lies inside the plasma membrane of the cells answer B 7) In some multicellular organisms, molecules can pass directly between the cytoplasms of adjacent cells without going through a lipid bilayer. The sizes of the molecules that can be passed in this way are: A) Largest in plants, medium in most animals, and smallest in fungi
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