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Discussion Homework (to prepare you for the on line quiz and the next exam). Please type your answers to the homework and submit them as indicated below. For Lecture 1 (11:00 MWF) submit your answers to your discussion dropbox on [email protected] by: a) midnight Sunday before Monday Discussion sections b) midnight Monday before Tuesday Discussion sections 1. Scientists struggled to understand how four bases could code for 20 different amino acids. If one base coded for one amino acid, the cell could produce only four different kinds of amino acids (4 1 ). If two bases coded for each amino acid, there would be four possible choices (of nucleotides) for the first base and four possible choices for the second base. This would produce 4 2 or 16 possible amino acids. a. What is the maximum number of three-letter codons that can be produced using only four different nucleotide bases in DNA? 69 different codons. b. How many different codons could be produced if the codons were four bases long? 256 codons. Mathematical logic indicates that at least three bases must code for each amino acid. This led scientists to ask: How can we determine whether this is true? Which combinations of bases code for each of the amino acids? To answer these questions, scientists manufactured different artificial mRNA strands.
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Discussion_HomeworkMar10 - Discussion Homework(to prepare...

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