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23 - DO NOT USE PENCIL DO NOT STAPLE Submit 0 COPY afthese...

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Unformatted text preview: DO NOT USE PENCIL * * * * * * DO NOT STAPLE Submit 0! COPY afthese notes to the GenChem Office COUFSBM Lecturer WH'fl—OCK Day/MM Date "finer—mm Notes Taken By I- HAMMHD Tetal Number of Pages 3 MECHANISM PTCA t:- rm (coral—4i- No 6M oharve. fPooL-‘Uf' ngO-J'lotn --—~ rw—cL-Anrn «ta/ls or wLx-f (“’er I" oroQu +0 (act- Pmotac+s. '- <|M?1u+ fLF-C‘f'fv‘ r: a. Fraud-Eva. rent-FHA -"'——"'- a 5:":ch +rmrr+mn CW: QLFuI—fi-‘Htj (lug-Fund: ~01)»- rwoL-Cf-r +m—Sdflt "‘5 Lune-pt *5 Farina! Ruhr-I; fr: - Hf 0/3 M+rv~Hon W37 Incr¢¢ues( (‘54-; (fith-wx-f‘) aflacraayej) Mel mm guru. I I k‘ ‘c; (-4—! (Lac-hp“ are. ab. ForJJJL I viz—"a“ P1 1— \ F2- [e an .__———- -+n adamant—1 ran-he o'F fruch-fil’: F1] 5 @— (LT *‘H‘L MIA 9.: Mu(+r—~S+e.r rch-f-(ga ”- M S+¢P va't-L Lad: HA4. LUJLMQS'F Mara: EM" 46-44%, slow 5'43? In- a MUI+¢ "t-Fef: 'r'aac'l-ro-a {9 Am} ("h-7p VLJCL Lad qu kgLIJ-F 0L¢+;vk+lor~ $2.77 _ in S‘IHJLL*S+c(v .5420er (cu/me. (T SLMMPJ' flux/x 43"qu (LUJLU'E‘ I“ rwmn. Add... ) __—-———___.————mm—~—_—-* DO NOTUSE PENCIL * * * * * * DO NOTSTAPLE Submit a COPY oft/1655' notes to the GmChem Ofiqa Course CHEM *0” Lecturer WHt-rLouc Day WEDNESDAY Date Mrs/o? Notes Taken By I. Hmmup Tptal Number o_f Pages 3 CW cwmo+ Q'— °bfw “Ml 410M ShrchuM-I—i-r‘r excsfi-F wkux hint] Lad—L a 7rrmi+rv¢ (tat—{Wion (Sn-3L1 941?): _ .1: Ara ———a- C +Lu rout-2.: kaJEB] Coal-:IL‘S“ ('5 $0M“.- FLT—792V,“ +L-0-+ CL‘-:;'—” A (MLJ'Jor- r—LcLMI-VM 4———- uAc; ( * h A. w ”—- - (OVlbl-LJ l mu - ”Y1: ‘ (rm-Pro F H‘ ‘7) “it? r k 0 f n: uhf‘ftd Merl"? f‘A'L‘WMfr anon-"j -FuH-¢,r rxn. J»: E .1 +1: [bu-l” retard Ea. > ftp. cahraa MUL‘T‘l—SJEE T5 1 A WI+I~S+¢E ((oA—fox‘rh) rm-Floa (I ah CDM-Lrhmffflh 0F SIKJLL’S‘I'LIP (FrfM-J-l-‘va rmc+lnr~3_ A“ ”‘MU‘E Spun—J: IJ‘ awn-{1.1 “kl ”arc-0H1 odor-U7 49L; F%L+ror~ (I), r EH > Ea; , s» k(~-n< k(I-*?~&) 3-4'1 1 ((r—‘rI\ [5 S-(owu-fr ECWSL I+ LIL) LayLCI'P GC+IVU!OF “137, (”5+ OF 414. +n~¢., (I) u...“ 3. back +1! (”(3, ’DLCo-IJ'SL +L._ “+,¢¢.f-,.n M7 jennj ‘0kaqu 'p‘ch (I) IS loo-av, misd'f—uc r’o-+€_-60.L+UW'\”‘: 943;, (occausa H— LL. {LL LujLJ+ +(MSt+lbr~ W2. M97“. glowu-F 941—? No.7 or W H+ be. rfi-Agfuwnuaj/ UH‘O DO NOT USE PENCIL * at: * * * =§< DO NOTSTAPLE Submit a COPY of these note; to the GenChem Ofi’ice Course CHEM “H Lecturer WHl-ruur Day 'Wfi'DHESDA‘f Date 4/73/09 Notes Taken By I. HAMMDND Total Number of Pages olmlo‘J—roh ,Fj’ugoua (I VLF-'7 LKnJ'equ-uc.’ awash?) a??r~ox. 4kCGI/m, "— f‘f‘ ‘1’" +..L¢,, 15—20 S'PLFS". kUHM ‘boah, shame-M7 ‘FrnM «Li: CLkuA!‘c%;{ . rue”; («not (WI-A7 lulu. t+) S41? 1 (5 flout—3+ MA rad-dL'f-ermnj —- lUJL‘I—J'F E65 d L3M+*UU77 I+r-~3t+fah 51‘“. A (“LI-Fran I} '9.“ng 4‘- P'tCILLoL ‘wavaflcfi'fir p" > (304443 +9 era-L IAWHALJUE. .4 (IA '—> uLL+ .qu— #4,? (Mich—c ‘o-+L TS LWL causal WJUI) Lao'i'L $41.7: (“HAW—r?) 6-" flake-«Jaefi-ij ‘ ...
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