KeyExam1 - Your Name Stu Student Your Email [email protected]

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Your Name : Stu Student Your Email : [email protected] Exam 1: Corporate Governance Finc 732 31 October, 2007 The exam is closed book, closed notes. You may use a pen and pencil and a calculator. The exam last for the entire class period from 10:00AM to 11:15PM. You do not need to write more than 100 worlds to respond to any of these questions. In fact, all of my sample solutions are less than 75 words. If you write more than 100 words, I shall ignore all text after the 100th word. So, keep your answers concise. I have attached a sheet of formulae which you might (or might not) find useful. Any communication with other students during the test period, or consultation of notes or computers, is a violation of the Tulane and Freeman School Honor Code. I expect all of you to live up to the obligations you accepted when signing the Freeman Honor Code Pledge.
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Question 1 of 6 Consider the problem of BigBanna (BB), a fast-food outlet specializing in sweet, banana-based deserts. BigBanna wants to establish BB fast-food outlets in AlgidusHumus (AH) a very small, very cold nation. The population of this benighted land has never been exposed to Bananas. For technical and institutional reasons, BB is not able to distribute BB products in AH except using local food-distribution channels. All distribution channels in AH are controlled by single firm--- TenderWhale (TW). TW has a monopoly on food distribution in AH. TW has a great deal of expertise regarding local market conditions, an understanding local rental market, and the politi- cal connections required for zoning variances, etc. BB provides outlet management expertise and the secret recipe for its signature dessert, Banana/Lemon Pudding to TW for a price that is
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KeyExam1 - Your Name Stu Student Your Email [email protected]

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