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Introductory Biology 151/3 – Week of May 5 to 9, 2008 Homework assignment – Complete questions 1 through 5 and submit your answers to the dropbox by the deadlines noted on the email and on [email protected] -- Bring a copy of your homework and of questions 6 and 7 with you to discussion. 1. The Archaea and the Bacteria are two of the major Domains of life. What key characteristics are used to define Archaea versus Bacteria? How do the characteristics of these two domains differ? How are they similar? 2. In the Domain Bacteria – what types of characteristics are used to subdivide the organisms into Phyla? 3. There is great diversity in the ways different species of microbes obtain energy for metabolic functions, and obtain carbon for building the macromolecules of life. Fill in the chart to indicate how these characteristics are used to describe the nutritional type or nutritional classification of organisms. Refer also to information in Ch. 27 of the textbook. Plants Animals Prokaryotes Energy source Light Organic compounds Carbon source Inorganic CO 2 Organic compounds Mode of Nutrition Autotrop h Heterotroph Photo- auto- troph Chemo- autotroph Photo- heterotroph Chemo- hetero- troph
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4. Fill in the Chart (below) to indicate the key characteristics used to define the different phyla of fungi. Kingdom Fungi Chytridiomycota Zygomycota Glomeromycota Ascomycota Basidiomycota 5. The Group Formerly Known as the Protista What key characteristics put organisms into each of the following Supergroups? Supergroups & Their Key Characters Excavata Euglenozoa Archeplastida Alveolata Stramenopila Rhizaria Amoebazoa Opishokonta Phyla and/or examples and nutrition type e.g. Trichomonas,
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LastDiversityStudentCopy-2 - Introductory Biology 151/3...

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