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Homework Assignment Questions – Week of March 31 Please type your answers to the homework and submit them as indicated below.   For Lecture 1 (11:00 MWF) submit your answers to your discussion dropbox on L@UW by: a) midnight Sunday before Monday Discussion sections b) midnight Monday before Tuesday Discussion sections 1. Use 1-2 sentences to answer each of the following questions about mitosis and meiosis… a. What is the outcome of mitosis (what is produced)? Two daughter cells are produced, each one receiving the complement of chromosomes. b. What is the outcome of meiosis (what is produced)? The outcome is haploid cells that were once diploid cells. c. What are the major differences between the outcome of mitosis and the outcome of meiosis? Mitosis creates two cells while meiosis creates four cells. 2. Stages of Mitosis and Meiosis: review the processes of mitosis and meiosis in your test book. Then fill in the charts. a. Describe what happens to chromosomes and structures related to cell division during each phase of mitosis and meiosis.
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Homework_questions_week_of_March_31 - Homework Assignment...

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