preexam2poop - Pre-exam 2 checklist. Theses are a few...

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AB Pre-exam 2 checklist. Theses are a few topics (not exclusive) that we should be comfortable with for the next lecture. They have been taken directly from the published lecture notes. They fall roughly into two classes: conceptual and definitional issues, and calculation skills. This list is not offered as something too be memorized but as a hopeful aid in focusing our studies. stoichiometry calculations . Ex: How many mL of pentane are needed to make 20 mL of a one molar solution in dichloromethane solvent. The density of pentane at 25 is 0.626 g/mL. There are many many more examples. Balancing equations Ex: Balance AgNO 3 + MnCl 2 => AgCl + Mn(NO 3 ) 2 . Ex: Potassium permanganate (KMnO 4 ) reacts with sodium bromide in water to form molecular bromine and manganese dioxide. Balance the equation for this oxidation reaction. Exothermic, endothermic, thermoneutral Ex: Which give off heat? Which have K eq > 1? Which proceed to a lower energy? Which have Δ Hº > 0? K eq Ex: What is the relationship between Keq and {exothermic, endothermic, and thermoneutral}? The equilibrium expression Ex: For some balanced equation, write the following equilibrium expression. Typical real-world example: Chromic acid oxidizes secondary alcohols to ketones in aqueous hydrochloric acid (water acidified wiuth HCl). An example (cyclohexanol to cyclohexanone) is: 1. Write and balance the equation for this fundamentally important oxidation. 2. Write the equilibrium expression for this reaction. 3. This reaction is strongly exothermic. What does that mean re K eq ? 4. What is the maximum amount (in grams) of cyclohexanone can one prepare from 100 grams of cyclohexanol via this reaction? 5. How many grams of chromic acid would that require? 6. Starting from 100 grams of cyclohexanol, what is the maximum amount of cyclohexanone that could be made from 10.00 grams of chromic acid?
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preexam2poop - Pre-exam 2 checklist. Theses are a few...

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