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people&terms - Important people and terms for Exam...

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Important people and terms for Exam 1 This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but it’s a good place to start Important people Alfred Hershey Alfred Russell Wallace Aristotle Carolus Linnaeus Charles Darwin Charles Lyell Erasmus Darwin Francis Crick Frederick Griffith Georges Cuvier Godfrey Hardy Gregor Mendel James Hutton James Watson Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Karl Von Frisch Konrad Lorenz Martha Chase Maurice Wilkins Michael Behe Motoo Kimura Niko Tinbergen Rosalind Frankin Theodosius Dobzhansky Thomas Hunt Morgan Thomas Malthus Wilhelm Weinberg Important terms adaptive radiation addition rule allele fixation allometry allopatric allopolyploid anagenesis analagous trait artifical selection autopolyploid balancing selection behavioral isolation binomial nomenclature biological species concept bottleneck effect Catastrophism chromosome inversion cladistics cladogenesis codominant convergent evolution derived character dihybrid cross directional selection disruptive selection dominant
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