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- Visual Communication Course Syllabus------------------------------------------------ Revised January 2008 HOME PAGE TUESDAY LECTURE Section THURSDAY LECTURE Jan 22 : Course Introduction & Overview See other sections of Blackboard for information on textbook, readings, exercises, quizzes, and grading. Go to the discussion section you WANT. If there is space the TA will sign you in. IF YOU MISS section this week you may be replaced my someone who attends! TOPIC: Difference between the object and the visual image Jan. 24: Learning to "Read" Visuals--The four aspects of visual literacy* Read: Visual Literacy-, Chapter 1 Practice 1QQ (1 question quiz--covers reading for today, lecture and discussion group) Jan 29: Intrepretation of Still Images: Characteristics* Read: Dondis, Chapter 2, Composition Assignment: Exercise 1 Elements of Visuals Due Feb. 5. 1QQ #1 (covers all material so far, including today's readings) Discussion of Dondis: Stress, leveling, grouping, etc. Jan 31: Theories to help us Understand Images: Semantic Properties of Images* Read : Text-- Visual Persuasion , (Introduction) 1QQ#2 Covers lecture, lab and all readings through Feb. 2.
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Feb. 5: Visual Persuasion: Pictures and Reality-- Attracting Attention Read: Lester, The Media Through Which We See Read: Text--Visual Persuasion , Chapter 1 (pp. 3-33) (*) DUE: Exercise 1: Elements of Visuals 1QQ#3 Discussion of Visual Persuasion readings. Lester PPT ( *) Feb. 7: Visual Persuasion:*Syntactic Indeterminacy * Read: Text-- Visual Persuasion, ) Chapter 1 (pp. 34- 52) (* ) 1QQ#4 DESIGN--IMAGE CREATION, AND MODIFICATION Feb. 12: Visual Persuasion:
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Syllabus_Visual_Communication2008 - Visual Communication...

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