homework1 - machine. (5) Create a "Homework1"...

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Sheet1 Homework #1 (1) Using Studio.net, develop a simple ASP.net page that (a) contains at least three different Web server controls and (b) uses a button control to trigger an event which displays the result in one of the controls. (2) Using an editor, develop an independent .aspx page with the same function as in (1). Name the page as "Application1.aspx". (3) Using an editor, develop a .vb file that contains a namespace with at least one class definition. Compile the .vb file and develop an independent .aspx page that uses the class to carry out the same function as in (1). Name the .vb file as "Application2.vb" and the .aspx as "Application2.aspx". (Note: Create your namespace and class with your lastname and first initial in the front.) (4) Make sure it runs without any error on your
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Unformatted text preview: machine. (5) Create a "Homework1" folder in your server space. Upload the "Application1.aspx" from (2), "Application2.aspx," "Application2.vb," and ".bat" from (3) to the folder. (6) Upload the compliled .dll to the "bin" folder under the "451_winter_2008" virtual directory. Your FTP account: Host: hwang.cisdept.csupomona.edu Username: your lastname + your first initial Password: your Bronco ID without the leading 0s FTP "Bin" Folder account: Host: hwang.cisdept.csupomona.edu Username: 451winter2008bin Password: bin FTP "instructor" folder account: Host: hwang.cisdept.csupomona.edu Username: 451winter2008 Password: instructor *** Also, please log into your Cal Poly VPN account before you use your FTP program. Page 1...
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homework1 - machine. (5) Create a "Homework1"...

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