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Quiz1b - Name I r Lab Day and Tim l l Q I lg K C h:51 m...

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Unformatted text preview: Name I r: , , Lab Day and Tim _. l. l Q I lg K] C h :51? m cells are a type of ground tissue usually found near the surface of the s m and characterized by an uneven thickening of cell walls, which allow for flexible support. . &hmn fl 2 m: g 5t": m is a lateral meristem composed of small, activ dividing cells that are located between the xylem and phloem vascular tissue. Primary Meristem C. Vascular Cambium B. Collenchyma D. Vascular Bundles ; In plants, is the male spew-producing organ and 's the female egg—producing organ. A) Antheridia,'Archegonia C. Archegonia, Antheridia ,..- B. Sporangium, Gametangia @Gametangia, Sporangia 4. W are flowering plants that dominated the earth during the late Cr cious period and have a unique characteristic structure called a carpel which encloses the ovules. 5. When staining the cross-section of a stem during Lab 19, Plant Anatomy, we used what stain? Toluidine Blue Hmpemumsaex, (Kool-aid) B. Gram's Iodine -B.-eeffec 6. Mi W is a sexual reproductive life cycle in which the plant alternates between haploid gametophyte and diploid sporophyte. 7. True of False? Major trends in the evolution of the plant life cycle include the increased importance of the gametophyte as the photosynthetic and persistent plant that dominates the life cycle; and the reduction and protection of the sporophyte within the body of the gametophyte. Fail“, 8. ; - _ - , ‘ are a diverse group of non-flowering plants of which the pine tree is a member. 9. Animals are classified in the domain Eukarya and the kingdom A. Nematoda C. Archaea ‘ B. Animalia D. Bryophyta e are dissecting the Worm (phylum annelida) and the roundworm today in lab. Bonus: Mandy's favorite hot beverage is . quaee c. Iced tea -. Ice cold beer D. Wendy's "Frosty" ...
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