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Quiz1 - Quiz 1 Cy Name[Egg Gifforgg LabDayand rm 1M5 3i,r y...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 1. /\ Cy //' Name [Egg Gifforgg: LabDayand rm 1M5: 3i: ,r y 1. [Q 3;; r3 .: W2. mg is an important branch of biology that deals with naming and classilying org sms into distinct groups of categories. 2. Ham 0 - * __ Petr/L55 5333 are common features resulting from cornmo genes. A. Analogous features C. Phenotypical elements B. Phylogenetically similar @ Homologous features 3. Bar-1:;- J are small relatively simple, prokaryotic single-celled organisms. A. Eukaryotes C. Fungus (23) Bacteria D. Protozoans 4. You could use this in lab to examine colony morphology. A. Compound light microscope @Dissecting microscope 8. Electron microscope D. Scientific illuminator 5. ( ‘9 {Q m stain is a differential staining process used to assist in bacterial identification. 6. True 0.? All bacteria is harmful to an individual. 7. ficyi—DEQQ are one of three categories of protists- that are heterotrophic and injest their food by phagocytosis. 8. Flag 2m. are motile structures supported by microtubules used by protozoa. (Q Flagella ' C. Pseudopodia B/Prlh 1:). --Forams ' 9. Dinoflagellata can sometimes bloom and cause water to appear gd from the pigments in their bodies. This phenomenon is sometimes called the gag tide, and may sometimes be accompanied by toxins that poison fish and other marine animals. (Hint: ..:1 .e W 3. 'n both spaces) is a polysaccharide extracted from the cell wall of red algae. . ' in the last lab) ...
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