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Biology 202 Gene Linkage Chapter 13 (pgs. 283-286) Terms: linkage, recombination, independent assortment, crossing-over, parental-type gamete, recombinant-type gamete, recombinant offspring, parental offspring, two-point testcross, cis arrangement, trans arrangement, map distance, map units, percent recombination Describe what is meant by “linked genes”. Why don’t linked genes assort independently? Distinguish between the trans and cis arrangement of alleles in a dihybrid. When a dihybrid is testcrossed, how are the parental classes of progeny immediately
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Unformatted text preview: identified? Why do genes that are 50 map units or more apart appear unlinked? How is map distance between two genes determined? Know the formula for determining map distance. Why do “parental” offspring sometimes not look phenotypically like their parents? Determine map distance between two genes if given a testcross and classes of progeny. If given the map distance between two genes and a hypothetical two-point testcross, determine proportions of progeny resulting from the mating. Genetics Questions: 5, 7 Genetics Problems: 14...
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