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Desire- quiz 1 quotes - Sappho`s Seizure Quote(1 To me that...

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Sappho’s Seizure Quote : (1) “To me that man equals a god /as he sits before you and listens /closely to your sweet voice// Context: The direction is unknown at this point and doesn’t identify gender or speaker. The scene is set with bare lines like “sweet voice”. Quote : and lovely laughter which troubles/ the heart in my ribs. For now /as I look at you my voice fails//” Context: Starts with a man goes to woman than her heart. It depicts the ravishment, the physical sensation on her body rather than her actual love Quote : (2) “My tongue is broken and thin fire/ runs like a thief through my body./ My eyes are dead to light, my ears// pound, and sweat pours down over me./ I shudder, I am paler than grass,/ and am intimate with dying—but/ I must suffer everything, being poor” Context: Tongue is broken is a paradox and the thin fire runs like a thief is a metaphor for the body trying to put out the fire. The love is overwhelming her body physically. CONTEXT : These love lyrics set tone of serene, calm, passion and love for Barthes Ravissement. These are the effects of ravissement on her body. She is being overwhelmed by her emotions. -Author is talking about the love for a woman that she cannot have Sappho’s A Letter to Atthis Sappho: ‘A Letter of Atthis’ Context: Atthis loves Anaktoria but Sappho loves Atthis and Anaktoria, their beloved… Anaktoria has departed to Sardis. Quote 1: “No she shines among Lydian women as when the red-fingered moon rises after sunset” Context: The flowery language is representing her desire. The red-fingered moons are completely sexualized. Quote 2: “Lucent dew spreads on the earth to quicken roses and fragile thyme and the sweet-blooming honey lotus” Context: Lucent dew is wetness and sweet-blooming honey lotus are ‘bushes you would like to eat’ depicting her sexual desire for their beloved. Quote 3: “She cries loudly for us to come” Context: ‘Cum cries’, they both miss the sexual passion and want to pleasure their beloveds’ desires.
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Roland Barthes’s Ravishment Quote : “Language (vocabulary) has long since poisted the equivalence of love and war: in both cases, it is a matter of conquering, ravishing, capturing, etc. Each time a subject “falls” in love, he revives a fragment of the archaic time when men were supposed to carry off women” (187) Quote : “However, there is an odd turnabout here: in the ancient myth, the ravisher is active, he wants to seize his prey, he is the subject of the rape (of which the object is a Woman, as we know, invariably passive); in the modern myth (that of love-as-passion), the contrary is the case: the ravisher wants nothing, does nothing; he is motionless (as any image), and it is the ravished object who is the real subject of the rape; the object of capture becomes the subject of love; and the subject of the conquest moves into the class of loved object . (There nonetheless remains a public vestige of the archaic model: the lover—
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Desire- quiz 1 quotes - Sappho`s Seizure Quote(1 To me that...

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