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Desire- quiz 2 quotes

Desire- quiz 2 quotes - DESIRE Quiz#2 Roland...

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DESIRE Quiz #2 Roland Barthes—Embrace (p104) Quote : “The gesture of the amorous embrace seems to fulfill, for a time, the subject’s dream of total union with the loved being” (104) Quote : “In this companionable incest, everything is suspended: time, law, prohibition: nothing is exhausted, nothing is wanted: all desires are abolished for they seem definitively fulfilled” (104) Context : -Barthes explains that in an embrace, you are trying to put law and language aside and eliminate the difference/ space between you and your love. -This is the innocent experience of the young. Quote : “I want maternity and genitaliy. (The lover might be defined as a child getting an erection: such was the young Eros).” Context : -an embrace is like a child with an erection, you are going back to your infantile state because you are erect (you get a relationship) -Reiterating the idea that embrace is innocent and going back to innocent pleasures -you are telling an intimate desire—you want to own the other person Sigmund Freud—Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (DORA) Quote 1 : “In the first place, patients consciously and intentionally keep back part of what they ought to tell—thingss that are perfectly well known to them—because they have not got over their feelings of timidity and shame (or discretion, where what they say concerns other people); this is the share taken by conscious disingenuousness.” (p10) Quote 2 : “A stream of water which meets with an obstacle in the river-bed is dammed up and flows back into old channels which had formerly seemed fated to run dry. The motive forces leading to the formation of hysterical symptoms draw their strength not only from repressed normal sexuality but also from unconscious perverse activities” (44). Context : -Desire is a narrative as an ‘unnavigable river.’ 1
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-Dora tries but cannot neatly say it, can’t explain unconsciousness, can’t fully access it -She tells him everything as an effort to find her pleasure -there are all these blockages , which lead you to go through channels -You can never tell the story of desire because there is no access to your unconscious Quote : “We must learn to speak without indignation of what we cal the sexual perversions- instances in which the sexual function has transgressed its limits in respect either to the part of the body concerned or to the sexual object chosen. The uncertainty in regard to the boundaries of what is to be called normal sexual life, when we take different races and different epochs into account, should in itself be enough to cool the zealot’s ardour. We surely ought not to forget that the perversion which is the most repellent to us, the sensual love of a man for a man, was not only tolerated by a people so far our superiors in cultivations as were the Greeks, but was actually entrusted by them with important social functions. Each one of us in his own sexual life transgresses to a slight extent- now in this direction, now in that- the narrow lines imposed upon him as the standard of normality. The perversions are
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Desire- quiz 2 quotes - DESIRE Quiz#2 Roland...

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