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Desire- quiz 3 quotes

Desire- quiz 3 quotes - DESIRE QUIZ#3 Monika Freut Movie...

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DESIRE QUIZ #3 Monika Freut Movie clip: being interviewed before gay pride parade o Talks about S/M (loves her whip!) Theodor Reik’s The Characteristics of Masochism Notes: From “libertinism” to “perversion” o Marquis de Sade Wrote brutal pornography Lends his name to Sadism o Richard von Krafft Ebing Coined term for masochism Became a species case study (perversion) Reik formal account of “masochism” as a perversion Quote : “It is not to be doubted that these three examples are representative of masochism as a perversion. It is perhaps accidental that in none of them does the sensation of pain or the perception of it play any kind of role or receive any significance. Even in the phantasy of the execution of the young men there can be no question or pleasure in picturing that, rather is the pleasure in the idea of the anxiety and terror” (326) Context : Masochism is erotic pleasure taken in being dominated, mistreated, or hurt. Masochism is not necessarily pain, for example, it can also be pleasure in painless constraint, submission, or suspenseful anticipation of pain Quote: “This assumed situation is designed to make clear the significance of phantasy for the masochistic gratification. Here the assertion is not, that phantasy is not essential as a perparation in the other perversions, but that for masochism it is absolutely indispensable.” (328-9) Context : Significance of phantasy. A preliminary fantasy script is essential to masochistic pleasure—not just any pain and humiliation will suffice. Needs fantasy/sense of control because don’t want real world abuse or consequences. Wants to already know plot but wants the suspense of an unfolding narrative. Context: The preliminary fantasy is a script and essential to masochistic pleasure. It cannot be any pain or humiliation, needs to match the fantasy. Ex: you will not just get an orgasm from slamming your finger. Need an elaborate script so that you have a sense of control…not a real world abuse. You want to stage your fantasy so that you can be the stage director. 1
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Quote : “The actual scene corresponds thus to the staging of a drama and is related to the phantasy as is the performance to the dramatist’s conception.” (330) Context: Fantasy as the staging of a drama with a narrative structure. Ex. wedding night. The father giving away the daughter acts as the drama of submission. It is a tradition of women as property. (Freud-femininity is inherently masochistic—men becoming submissive and passive) The fantasy is almost novelistic and elaborate. Example of a wedding where you are being given away by your father = trading property. Quote : “Je suis la plaie et le couteau!/ je suis le soufflet et la joue!/ Je suis les members et roué,/ et la victime et le bourreau!” -I am the wound and the knife!/ I am the slap and the cheek!/ I am the limbs and the rack,/ the victim and the executioner (333) Context : This is a line from Charles Baudelaire written in French in our text. Producing a situation that he can enslave himself and acting as mistress is doing
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Desire- quiz 3 quotes - DESIRE QUIZ#3 Monika Freut Movie...

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