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Lynn's question about lecture 14 reminded me that the convergence of some of the tensions we've been studying -- particularly the way in which the tension between surface and depth, subject and object or pyschological reality and social appearance plays out in the forming and fracturing of the assimilating American family -- obviously reach critical points in the 60s and 70s. One manifestation seems to be the New Journalism, and another the disintegration of the family it depicts in lecture 14. Obviously these concerns substantially inform Pastoral. There will be a variety of consequences. But for now -- concentrating perhaps chiefly on the opening 20 pages but drawing from anywhere in the book that you wish -- tell me what the Swede means to Nathan and the community from which they emerge, and how the complications implicit in that meaning play into the materials we've looked at so far. The Swede was more than simply “the greatest athlete in the history of
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