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Unformatted text preview: Willy Loman believes the secret to life is to be not just liked but well liked. He believes that the American dream is not the product of diligent hard work but rather that its not what you do . . . its who you know (pg 86). His version of the American dream is one in which a person will end up with diamonds [ ] on the basis of being well liked (p 86). He tells his sons that because people know [him] up and down New England and he has friends all doors are open to him. We never even learn what it is that Willy sells, because according to Willys worldview it shouldnt matter. He believes that personality and personal connections should be enough to make the sale and succeed. This viewpoint is also evident when Willy goes to Howard to try to see if he can have a local position in the company. When Howard tells him this isnt possible Willys entire counter- argument centers on the personal relationship that he had with Howards father, his admiration for...
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