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Salinger #2

Salinger #2 - everything and everyone around him(with the...

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I agree with the class that Holden's favorite word seems to be "phony." He uses it to describe two of his previous dates, as well as the his parting handshake with Ackely. Biff called his father a "phoney little fake" after discovering Willy's infidelity and lack of professional success in what was the most pivotal moment in his life. Holden's alienation and disillusionment with the conventional world mirror's Biff's and as a result both struggle to assimilate in to conventional society. Both failed out of their respective schools and have trouble finding their niches- Biff drifts from place to place and job to job as Holden does from school to school. Holden scrutinizes and criticizes
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Unformatted text preview: everything and everyone around him (with the exception of his siblings) and deems them "phony" and "fake" and as a result deliberately flouts society's rules and conventions. Biff was disillusioned with his father's version of success but was somehow less adrift than Holden, as he sought a different version of the post war american dream in the open west. It seems that both have rejected their father’s paths and seem to share more of the sentiments of the coming “counter-culture” and beat generation....
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