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Unformatted text preview: Problem Set X- Assign November 15, 2006 Due November 27, 2006. Fall 2006 Physics 200a R. Shankar 1. A vertical tube of radius 1 cm , open at the top to the atmosphere, contains 2 cm of oil ( ρ oil = 0 . 82 ρ water ) floating on 3 cm of water. What is the gauge pressure (i.e., pressure in excess of the atmospheric) at the bottom. 2. A person wants to suck water through a straw 120 cm tall. What is the minimum pressure difference between the atmosphere and the inside of the person’s mouth? 3. A wide can of water is filled to height h . At what height from the base should I drill a hole to (i) get the maximum range for the jet that comes out (ii) ensure that the jet travels a horizontal distance equal to the vertical distance. (iii) What is the maximum horizontal distance the jet can travel? 4. A rectangular hole is made on the side of a cylindrical container of water. The hole has width w and its upper and lower edges (parallel to the base of the cylinder) are at depths d 1 and d 2 respectively measured from the water level.respectively measured from the water level....
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