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Business Ethics Project - Teresa "Gay" Simmons Business...

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Teresa “Gay” Simmons Business Ethics BA384-87 Project JOURNAL SECITON 1: How would you define what it means to be ethical? What/who has had a major influence on your own ethical behavior? Have you ever noticed a shift in your beliefs about what is ethical over your lifetime? If so, what/who had an influence on this? Do you see your own ethical behavior constant across settings (i.e. home, work, community-social or religious)? How are they same or different? What do you believe contributes to these differences (if any)? Do you think business is held to a different standard of ethical behavior than the average citizen? If yes, why do you believe there are differences and what supports/perpetuates these differences? If no, what/who supports this? Do you believe that overall business/corporate America is more or less ethical than fifty or seventy –five years ago? What supports your belief? To me ethics is a person’s morals or set of beliefs. Ethics are principles that drive a person to make right or wrong choices in their everyday lives. Ethics are not only for the individual but for any organization or business. There have been many people throughout my forty-four years that have influenced my ethical behavior. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Frances, is the first person that comes to my mind. I chose to act unethically when I was five years old attending her class. You see a boy in my class would not share his toy, therefore I decided I would bite his arm. Mrs. Frances was not pleased with my actions at all. Her method of punishment, which I might add in today’s world, would land her in jail, decided to bite me back in order to teach me a lesson. She taught me that treating and hurting others was not morally correct. My mom has also been a huge influence on my ethical behavior. She is a Christian lady that raised me to obey God’s Ten Commandments and kept me in church which helped develop my ethical and moral principles. As I grew into a teenager my ethical beliefs seem to be forgotten. Thanks to my mom, I am a child of God and he watched over me and kept me from harm. As a teenager I tested with drinking and I remember feeling so guilty. At that time in my life, 8
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Teresa “Gay” Simmons Business Ethics BA384-87 Project my friends played a huge role in my ethical decision. I still had ethical principles, but having fun was more of a priority than making the right choice. As I have grown into an adult and look back at some of the mistakes I made I realize ethical principles are more important to me now. Are my ethical behaviors consistent across home, work, community, religious settings? My ethical beliefs are the same across all these settings; however in each setting I may address them differently. I am a Christian and therefore I work every day to walk with the Lord. When I am at work I tend to handle things more direct and to the point. I try hard to use my ethical and Christian beliefs to make decisions. As I walk through the church doors each Sunday I know that I put my best face on and it should be
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Business Ethics Project - Teresa "Gay" Simmons Business...

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