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Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide for Exam 2 HAPP 100 Spring...

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Study Guide for Exam 2 HAPP 100, Spring 2008 This exam will cover material starting with the lecture on March 11, 2008 through and covering the lecture on April 10, 2008. This exam will also cover any additional readings that pertain to these lectures. You have already received questions to answer regarding the additional readings and should use those questions as the study guide for the additional readings. Approximately what proportion (%) of U.S. workers is employed in the health care industry? 10% What was the name of the physician who came over with the early settlers on the Mayflower? Samuel Fuller How were most physicians in early America trained? Apprenticeship What was the first medical school established in the colonies in 1756? The College of Philadelphia (became UPenn) What was the primary goal of the American Medical Association when it was founded in 1847? Reform of medical education Who conducted the evaluation and published the report in 1910 “Medical education in the United States and Canada?” Abraham Flexner With what organization was he associated? Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching What five criteria of the medical schools did he examine? Entrance Requirements, size and training of facility, quality of the laboratories, relationship with hospital, availability of endowments What were some of the outcomes of his report? Some schools closed or merged; one school was pointed out as a model; licensing of physicians was not common, pursing licensing physicians; accrediting medical schools; encouraged people to donate money to the medical schools What medical school did he point to as the model of medical education? Johns Hopkins University What are the four main parts or phases of medical education? Premedical phase, undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education, post graduate medical education The development of physician specialties is directly associated with the introduction of what into the practice of medicine? When physicians want to be recognized for their specialty skills after completing their residency programs what do they do? Specialize When specialty medical practice became more prevalent, what did the specialists try to keep the general practitioner from doing? In 1969, general practice became its own specialty called what?
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Surgery What is the definition of primary care physician? One who provides an individual or family with continuing health surveillance along with needed acute and chronic care, with referral service to specialists as appropriate In addition to general practice and sometimes obstetrics/gynecology, what 3 type or kinds of physicians are considered primary care? Family practice, pediatricians, internal medicine At what governmental level are physicians licensed? State
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Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide for Exam 2 HAPP 100 Spring...

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