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Exam 3 Study Guide - Blank

Exam 3 Study Guide - Blank - Study Guide for Final Exam...

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Study Guide for Final Exam HAPP 100 Spring 2008 The final exam will cover lectures following exam 2 through the end of the course. This includes material covered on the 3 rd quiz and any assigned additional readings. Questions have been provided for the additional readings and should be used as the study guide for that material. Seeking assistance with study guide questions: I will not answer more than three (3) questions from the study guide by e-mail. If you need more assistance than that, you need to come and see me with your class notes. I expect to be on campus everyday before the exam. If you have missed lectures, you need to get lecture notes from a classmate. The limitations of persons needing long-term care are sufficient to compromise what? Independent living Who are the primary users of long-term care? What percentage/proportion of the population reports limitation of activity caused by chronic disease? 11.7% What are the various ways disability can be defined? Disability may result from what life events? Birth defect What has been the trend in rates of disability in the population over time? Decreased What are the five basic activities of daily living (ADLs)? Transfer, toileting, bathing, feeding, dressing What are examples of instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)? Ability to take meds, ability to use telephone, financing, cooking, cleaning Why are informal caregivers important? What proportion of those needing long term care services receive assistance from informal care givers? What gender and average age are most caregivers? Female 46 Several pieces of federal legislation and a court decision that were related to people with disabilities were discussed in class. What were they and how did they affect persons with disability? What is the name of President Bush’s program to promote full access to community life for those with disabilities? What is the name of Maryland’s new program to support those with disabilities and what services are included? Rehabilitation is a ____________________ aimed at enabling an impaired person of any age to reach an optimum physical, mental and/or social functional level.
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Rehabilitation helps the individual regain lost skills or learn new skills in accordance with set ______________. Rehabilitation uses a coordinated provision of needed services called ___________ ______________________. What type of physician specializes in rehabilitation services? About what proportion of the population is 65 and over? What is the fastest growing age group in the population?
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Exam 3 Study Guide - Blank - Study Guide for Final Exam...

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