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Exam 3 Notes - ` April 3 2008 Progressive Rock-Three...

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Unformatted text preview: ` April 3, 2008 Progressive Rock-Three important genres emerging during late 1960s-Acid Rock-Hard rock; leading to (Heavy) metal, etc.-Art rock-All represent a transition leading Rock ‘n’ roll to Rock-Rock= is not ephemeral dance music with substance-less lyrics, rather it is music with texts that speak to the values of its ‘community’-All owe much of their substance to a dynamic youth culture of 1960s 1960s- ‘Decade of Youth’-Bulk of US population now youth:-32 million between ages of 15-23 (bulge resulting from Baby-Boom) (prior decade of same age group= 17 million-Process of human development makes teen years one of great change, of great importance-Seeking identity as ‘adult’-Increasing independence from parental authority-Seeking to set self apart from parents-Two concerns shape youth culture in late ‘60s-Civil rights-Vietnam war-Educational opportunities also expand:-Many high school students go on to college-Adolescence (freedom from family/job responsibilities) extended-Among traditional types of students (professionals, academic, intellectual) sympathy develops concerning civil rights and Vietnam-Two important sub-groups (radicals) emerge:- ‘New Leftists’ : profess that US ‘system’ is completely corrupt-Sought to cleanse nation by radical measures-Hippies : culturally alienated from American life-Withdrew from society, exploring alternatives e.g. communal lifestyle ecological mindset detesting ‘consumer’ culture-Abandoned organized religion, sought enlightenment in alternative religions (Buddhism, T.M.) or through drugs-Concerns of both groups lead to reexamination of contemporary American cultural/societal values `-Though radicals are truly few in number, sentiments of both groups resonate with youth at large who take up the principal ideologies which become the foundation of the counterculture San Francisco-Geographical origin of Acid Rock-SF as city never fully embraces mainstream culture (e.g. vigorous gay community in Castro district since 1950s)-“Free Speech Movement” (’64) birthplace of ‘New Leftist’ ideology: UC at Berkeley ( across SF bay)-‘Alternative lifestyles’ SF offers engenders ‘hippie movement’ in Haight- Ashbury ’s bohemian community-SF 1950s musical orientation lay in Folk, Pop music industry disinterest in SF artists allows music to develop as alternative to mainstream (no pressing need...
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This note was uploaded on 07/13/2008 for the course MUSC 217 taught by Professor Morin during the Spring '08 term at UMBC.

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Exam 3 Notes - ` April 3 2008 Progressive Rock-Three...

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