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Use of pipetmen - Useof Pipetmen Pipetman P-10 P"20 P-100...

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Use of Pipetmen Pipetman Recommended range Iipg P-10 0.5 to l0 pl Small tips P"20 2to201tl Mediumtips P-100 l0 to 100 lrl Medium tips P-200 20 to 200 ld Medium tips P-1000 200 to 1000 pl Iarge tips ImmersionDeoth lmm 2-3mm 2-3mm 24mm 24mm OPERATION: l. Adjust volume by nrrnhg the volume adjustment knob ll3 revoMon above the desired settiqg then slowly down until the required volume shows on the digitsl indicator. ALWAYS DIAL DOWN to the desired volume. 2. Attach a sterile dispouble tip to the pipette shaft. Press firmly and twist 7r trrn to eruilrre a seal. 3. Depress the plunger to the first stop. This part of the stroke is the cslibrated volume displayed on the digital volume indicator. 4. Hdlding the Pipetman vutically, immerse the disposable tip imo the saryle liquid to the proper immersion depth (see above). 5. Allow the push-button to return slowly to the up position Nwer let it snap upl 6. Withdraw the tip from the sanple liquid. Should any liquid r main on the ouside of thetip, wipe
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  • P-100 P-200 P-1000, thedigitsl desired indicator, knob ll3 revoMon, makestre liquid hasbe6, wipeit care,ftllywith KimWipg

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