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Unformatted text preview: 1 SYLLABUS FOR LS1.2 Professor Greg Graffin WINTER, 2007 TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS 2PM - 3:15PM Lectures in La Kretz, RM. 110 Office hours: Mon. 3 - 5 PM Or by appt. Slichter Hall 2855 phone: 310-825-1262 Email: TAS: Rana Khankan, Colin Rundel, Janice Daniel Ken Okamoto, TA Coordinator: Gary Shin, Week 1 1. Tues. JANUARY 9, 2007 Reading: Ch. 1 Introduction to life science Life, how to study it How and why questions in life sciences Evolution happens What is life? The pattern of life 2. Thur. JANUARY 11, 2007 Reading: Ch. 11, Ch. 12 pp 233-237 and CH 23 What did Darwin discover and what do we know now? Variation Population genetics and the evolutionary synthesis Molecular and genetic basis of heredity Agents of evolution Implications of evolution 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week 2 3. Tues. JANUARY 16, 2007 Reading: Ch. 22 Adaptation and natural selection Agents of selection Adaptation and fitness Selection and variation, a paradox 4. Thurs. JANUARY 18, 2007 Reading: Ch.24, 34 Speciation pp 673-678 Races Extinction Patterns and causes--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week 3 5. Tues. JANUARY 23, 2007 Reading: Ch. 25, 26 Systematics and classification Taxonomy Domains and Kingdoms The species Evolutionary analysis What can DNA comparisons tell us? 6. Thurs. JANUARY 25, 2007 Reading: Ch. 22 Life chemistry Molecules of life Life from non-life? Two billion years B.C. Professor Jay Phelan lectures on this day--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week 4 7. Tues. JANUARY 30, 2007 Reading: Ch. 27 Prokaryotes Archaea Bacteria Cellular organization Heterotrophs and autotrophs _________________________________________________________________ 3...
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Life_Science_1___Graffin___syllabus___winter_2007 - 1...

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