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Chemistry 14CL Amino Acid Analysis Experiment Post-lab Report Guidelines The post-lab report must be written inside your lab notebook (except graphs) This is a Team report (i.e. turn in ONE report per team) The report is due at the beginning of your lab period on January 24 or 25. Before attempting to work on this team report, please take a moment to read the following items carefully. Definitions of Team Work (1) All members in the team MUST contribute equally when working on the experiment as well as writing the post-lab report (2) Each team member must prepare ahead of time when writing the report. This means reviewing materials from lectures or from your Chemistry textbook or from on-line resources on certain topics that are relevant to the concepts when writing the reports. Contribution to the team work is meaningless if a member does not understand the concepts behind the experiment. (3) It is the responsibility of the team members to plan ahead on when they should get together to work on the report. In other words, maintain good communication among yourselves. (4) It is the responsibility of each team member to honestly describe the work that he or she did during the experiment and in writing the report. No one should take advantage of other members of the team. Report to the course instructor or your TA if you feel that other team members are taking advantage of your work. That said, effective teams capitalize on the strengths of the individual members and assist all of the team in improving. (5) Each member in the team MUST understand the concepts behind the ENTIRE experiment regardless of which portions of the report or experiment a person is responsible for. This is especially important for exams. Post-lab Report Guidelines (I) In each notebook, record the unknown serial number for your project. (II) Write down the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all team members along with their responsibilities in performing the assignment and writing the post-lab report . Different parts of the report can be prepared by different members of the team. Be sure to make copies of the other team members sections, so that each person has a complete report for studying. (III) Abstract: - In this section summarize both the goal(s) of the experiment and your experimental results.
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This note was uploaded on 07/13/2008 for the course CHEM 14CL taught by Professor Henary during the Winter '08 term at UC Davis.

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aminoacidpostlab - Chemistry 14CL Amino Acid Analysis...

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