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caffeinepreandpostlab - CHEMISTRY 14CL EXTRACTION AND...

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CHEMISTRY 14CL E XTRACTION AND P URIFICATION OF C AFFEINE FROM T EA L EAVES P RE - AND P OSTLAB R EPORT G UIDELINES Safety glasses, lab coats long pants or skirts, and close-toe shoes must be worn in the laboratory. You will be dismissed from the laboratory if you do have appropriate protective clothing and glasses. O NLINE R ESOURCES AND T UTORIALS Theory of Extraction ( Real Player Video ); Extraction Tutorial ; Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Tutorial P RE - LAB R EPORT G UIDELINES NOTE: There is ONLY ONE pre-lab report for this experiment even though this is a 9-hour lab (3 lab periods). 1. Introduction - list the goal(s) of the experiment as well as any experimental techniques that you will use during the experiment for purification and/or identification. Include references and the changes to the procedure noted below: C HANGE IN THE LAB PROCEDURE The drying agent will be anhydrous sodium sulfate NOT anhydrous sodium sulfite. On page 79, make the following changes to the LAST SENTENCE in the first paragraph: Instead of “Add the 1-propanol from the first two extractions to the funnel” Replace it with “Add the 1-propanol from the last 2 extractions to the same beaker used previously to store the other 1-propanol layers.” On page 79, in the middle of the third paragraph replace "Repeat the extraction 2 more times with an additional 10mL of acetone each time, .... " with "Rinse the NaCl precipitate in the beaker 2 more times with an additional 10mL of acetone each time .... " 2. Flowchart - Prepare a flowchart of procedures AND
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