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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 6 EF 151 Exam #3, Spring, 2006 Name: Section: This exam consists of 10 short-answer questions, each worth 10 points. BB sure to: Show all of your work Include the correct number of significant digits 0 0 Include unite for all answers l I Include directions for all vectors . Write your final answer In the box provided Hints: - Stay calm - Glance over all problems. tackle the "easy" ones first I Use reasonableness to guide you - Allow yourself an average of 5 minutes per problem Gecm etryi‘rrig a C Area of a circle = nr2 Volume of a cylinder = nrzh Law of Sines sin A_ -_ sinb‘ _ sinC n- b c Law of Coeinee c2 =n2 -i-bl —2obcosC‘ Useful Con versions 1gailon = 231 cubic inches 1 gallon = 4 quarts 1 gallon = 12!! fluid ounces 1 in8 = moo L 1 acre = 43,560 ft: 1 mile = B furloan 1 fathom = 6 ft 1 rod = 15.5 ft 1 chain = 22 yards 1 inch = 25.4 mm 1 wait = ‘I N misec 1 hp = 3’45} watts (approx) 1hp=550fllbisec 1 lb = 4.45 N {approx} 1 m = 1000 mm 19 = 32.2 ftisecz = 9.81 misc-c2 Constant Acceleration 1!: = vI n no! S, =3] _ A", = 31 —— V113! + tam.“ I ‘rl "2 _ vi 3, = 51 -l- ' 2:: Uniform Circular Motion an - centripetal acceleration v — speed ;i — radius of curvature cu — rotational speed T— period f— frequency ‘15 — angie 1' 1’" a" = — (a ny cu rue} Prqiecriie Motion y-yo = (x—eranU— 3} (1+lan‘OIx—xeil 2v” 9 - Iau nch angle w. — launch Velocity are. m— iaunch position. positive up Reiative Motion v =v +v v,.=— 5?,- '%s ‘2‘ 11 Page 2 of E I. An aucclcrmnclur measures lllc total acceleration Df'a car going around a curve to be 3.50 fiisecl. The our is moving at speed ol‘ilfl Wane. Till: car‘s speed is changing at a rate {if-1.00 Risecz. What is the Clii'vc’s radius of‘curvaturc‘? 2. The RF morry-go-roiiml is revolving III constant 5.0 rpm. Bclsy’s GPS unit gives her Speed as 9.5 mph. How Far away is she from the center nithc ride? Page 3 otfi Pagc4 olfi 3. ()ur Pasch cart with ballistic launchcr is muving on a horizontal track at a constant speed of'625 f’u’s when it launches the bail straight up at term HR. 0.54 seconds lalcr it catchcs Ihc ball. What is the horimntnl distnncc hctwccn wlmn it launched and caught Lhe ball? 4. Prof. Schletcr’s golf ball leaves the tee at 152 liars at an angle 01'35“ above the horizontal. It stops immediatuly when it flies slraight into the cup. Ignoring drag and fill and assuming In:ch ground, what I _I _ _ _ I _ = __ I _ _ was; the horizontal distance lhc hall Lmvcled'? .‘_ veloctty of [1011; )m's _ and an ll‘tltlal posttton of (2.0: —3.Uj}7l , What 15 the magmtude ofthe velour)! - - ' of the rocket after 10 seconds? 6. We put the Great Bum Oscarmcycr on a rocket with an acceleralion uf (~ 4.0? 4-5.0}17m’52 , an initial Page 5 ol 6 Page 6 ms 9. Paul is riding his new bike due casl with a speed oi‘S Waco. Hi5 hike-mounlcd lcanis ball gun shoots a tennis ball with a velocity of EU Wsec cast rc[ativc tn the hike. Dr. 1.. H.0vcrhnl1 is walking to the weal at 6 Neon. What is [he itnrizunlal uomponcnl ul'lhc velocity urlhc ball with respect In Dr. LEO? Assume cast is positive. i‘. Patrick has a new racing tractor. He takes it lo the Grand Canyon am] attempts to jump the canyon using a ramp with an incline of 13“ above horizontal. His takenfi‘ speed is i it) Wscc. He dacsu’l make il, and he hits the bottom nfthc canyon 6.5 seconds later. What is the vertical distance between the top of the ramp and the bottom ofthe canyon? (iivc your answer as a positive distance. It}. Hnicc Pearl is flying to Las Vegas to gamble away his big misc-to-bc. His plane has an air speed of Sfll'l mph duc west. A wind of IOU mph in blowing duc north. What is his velocity relative to the ground? (jive your answer as a magnitude and angle relative to a compass direction. SH) ltlplh. lit-EiuN'TfiN \I "j- \J 2' ZfiiLlS-II‘TD ii -. 2am :J‘R' g ...
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This note was uploaded on 07/13/2008 for the course EF 151 taught by Professor Schleter during the Spring '05 term at University of Tennessee.

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Exam 3 - Page 1 of 6 EF 151 Exam#3 Spring 2006 Name Section...

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