Descartes - Megan Lawless Com L 114 First meditation what...

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Megan Lawless Com L 114 9/5/07 First meditation- what can be called into doubt - everything- he cannot even tell if he is awake or asleep because one cant always tell when one is sleeping; one thinks he is awake - there may be a deceiver who is putting ideas into his head that he sees clearly as truth but in reality are false Second meditation- The nature of the human mind and how it is better known that the body - for a while he decides to take everything that he could have the slightest doubt about and regard it as completely false until he can prove it utterly true - thinking that he is something, he necessarily is something - even if he is being deceived about everything else, the fact that he is being deceived proves that he exists - thought is the only thing that is inseparable from him; he doubts the existence of his body as he sees it, since he may be being deceived - The only true thing he discovers is that he is a thing that thinks- perhaps nothing more - He considers how prone to error he is - At the end of this meditation he decides that objects (bodies as he refers to them) aren’t perceived by the senses alone, but by the intellect because these things are understood - This point shows him that it is much easier to perceive his own mind than anything else
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Megan Lawless Com L 114 9/5/07 Third meditation- the existence of God - descarte’s mode of thinking in this meditation leads him to a conclusion about God- that Descartes himself can imagine a God, a being who is infinite and perfect, there must be such a God - this reasoning comes from an idea that he brings up- that there is at least as much reality in the cause as in its effects; that is, since he is a thinking thing with an idea of God, what caused him to exist is a thinking thing that possesses all these perfections that he assigns to God. He could not have come from anything less perfect since he was made with these ideas
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Descartes - Megan Lawless Com L 114 First meditation what...

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