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4th chapter review-notes - Victor turner Gained notoriety...

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Do a rite of passage from a symbolic perspective Objective and method Objective is to find out what people know how they know it etc See pages 287-294 for a discussion of methodological issues Cognitive anthropology Ethnoscience/cognitive anthropology Concerned with the overuse of the etic perspective necessary for comparative studies Emic is denoted by the prefix ethno- Symbolic anthropology Diverse set of approaches that view culture as a symbolic system
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Unformatted text preview: Victor turner Gained notoriety by exploring Arnold Van genneps threefold structure of rites passage Van genneps structure consisted of: A pre-liminal phase (separation) A liminal phase (transition) And a post-liminal phase (reincorporation) Liminality=transitional state between two phases Communitas unstructured community where all members are equal...
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