ShintoandSikhism - drips from the spear formed an island...

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Johnathan Cormack World Religions Martinez Shinto and Sikhism In the Japanese religion of Shinto the story of creation is much different than most other religions. It begins with the idea of a Chinese like form yin and yang but called In and Yo. The forces were all congealed and nothing had come out of the mixture, until the entire collection was formed into an egg. The pure parts of this mixture rose to the outside and formed heaven, and the other elements inside the egg then formed the earth. A first generation of gods was born in the heavens, called Heaven middle master, and sweet reed-shoot prince elder. After this, another god was formed out of a reed shoot that grew to reach heaven from earth. More gods were created but they have little to do with the creation of the earth as concerned with this piece. The next group of gods was brother and sister who were also married. They poked a giant spear into the unknown void that was earth and the ocean and pulled it out. The
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Unformatted text preview: drips from the spear formed an island that many think is Japan. The pair then descended to the surface and erected a pillar to the heaven, then Izanami chased Izanagi around the pole, then they had sex, and she later gave birth to an monster and it was discarded into the void of earth. Then Izanagi chased Izanami around the pillar and they had sex again, and Izanami gave birth to islands, rivers, mountains, crops, birds, and so forth. The rest of the world then formed out of these islands, Japan. Sikhism views creation much differently. Sikhism is strictly monotheistic so they believe that one Creator was responsible for they entire Universe. They ironically do not dispute the theory of evolution; the idea that God was responsible for evolution is also accepted. They generally believe that the one God created everything from moons to planets to stars, and is constantly watching over it....
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ShintoandSikhism - drips from the spear formed an island...

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