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Megan Lawless In his Manifesto for Philosophy, Alain Badiou suggests that there are certain conditions that must be present in order for philosophy to exist. He says that philosophy is discontinuous, not always existing within a society or in history. These conditions, Badiou states, are transversal and the procedures are easily evident. He gives a name to these procedures: “truth procedures.” After talking somewhat generally about truth procedures, the author refers specifically to Greece. He says that what made Greece unique (why it saw the birth of philosophy) is its “interference” in things that were taken as fact at the time. People questioned the narratives concerning the origins of Greece, they discarded the words of the poets for those whose statements were more logical- “mathemes,” presumably mathematicians. People began to dispute what had been taken as truth for so many years. Plato, one of the first philosophers, “prescribes the matheme as a condition for
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