Caffeine - How caffeine functions as a vasoconstrictor One...

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How caffeine functions as a vasoconstrictor: One of the mechanisms that caffeine addiction, cocaine addiction, and heroin addiction share, is that they block an adenosine's ability to slow the nerve cells' activity in preparation for sleep, and instead increase the speed of their activity and of the neuron firing in the brain. The caffeine causes the blood vessels in the brain to constrict, because it has blocked the adenosine's ability to open them to allow sleep. (from a random website which isn’t really a legitimate source- hopefully also in some sort of scientific article) Vasoconstrictors will increase peripheral resistance, which raises blood pressure (from our book) _____________________________________________________________________ I found some books that might have good info about caffeine and what it does. I could pick them up tomorrow if you think they would be helpful (a lot of good books are checked out- maybe someone else is looking at the effects of caffeine too) o Caffeine and behavior : current views and research trends / edited by B.S. Gupta, Uma Gupta. Location: Mann Library Call Number: QP801.C24 C33x 1999 Status: Not Charged o Title: Caffeine, coffee, and health Location: Mann Library Call Number: RA1242.C14 C12 1993 Status: Not Charged _____________________________________________________________________ It seems like researchers are actually divided on whether caffeine raises blood pressure. It’s kind of confusing. I found a lot of articles saying that caffeine had no effect at all. I found this article online: A Swiss study indicates that the caffeine contained in coffee is not, as was widely thought, responsible for raising blood pressure. Occasional coffee drinkers who drank a triple espresso showed elevated blood pressure - but the same effect was recorded whether or not the drink contained caffeine. The finding suggests that another ingredient in coffee is to blame for stimulating the
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Caffeine - How caffeine functions as a vasoconstrictor One...

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