persuasive - JM Teen Driver Dead this is a headline that we...

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JM Teen Driver Dead, this is a headline that we see all too much in newspapers today. So, why do we continue to let these situations happen? I didn’t receive my license when I was 16, my parents made me wait until I turned seventeen. My parents made me wait, and I am happy they did. Though it was only one year I felt like I became a smarter and more mature driver because of that. It seemed like there were a lot of people I knew who got into accidents before they were even seventeen. Driving around as a passenger in friend’s cars gave me the chance to learn from their mistakes. Today, I would like to persuade you that the legal driving age should be changed to 18 years old. By changing the legal driving age to 18, you will be able to control accident and death rates among teenage drivers. We need to identify these problems, and find the best solution for them. First, you will need to know what physical and mental process goes into driving. Due to less driving experience, it is impossible for sixteen year olds to read and react to situations faced on the road. A driving permit can be obtained after the age of fifteen. One year is given to practice the skills needed to operate motor vehicles. On average a student only gets in 20 to 65 hours of driving. Americans spend an average of 3 to 11 hours a day in a vehicle. This practice time is very miniscule to get the experience you need for everyday driving situations. Why does Tiger Woods drive the ball 350 yards, and why did Barry Bonds break the all time Home Run Record because of their perfect swing through thousands of repetitions to sharpen their muscle
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persuasive - JM Teen Driver Dead this is a headline that we...

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